Friday, May 11, 2018

term 2 writing

Orientation - an opening statement that identifies the problem, place, facility and/or defines the topic. Do you know how much rubbish affects our wildlife and sea. Animals in the wild and in the sea end up dying because they eat the rubbish that's been left over from humans and their lungs get blocked and then they will think that they are full but their not and they end up dying from starvation.Also when the rubbish gets into their habitat it destroys it and sometimes it kills them and if it keeps on going any one of those animals start getting extinct. We need to start picking up our rubbish because it almost about 14,000 sea animals die because of us as long as we keep dropping our rubbish animals will keep dying and getting sick. Body - points of explanation supported by examples or factual information (new idea/point = new paragraph - Enter twice and indent (push tab once)) Did you know more than 100,000 mammals and sea animal die a year. More animals keep dying each year because some people don't know that what they are doing is wrong. But thanks to the sea cleaners there helping half of our sea animals and the other half dies. When rubbish gets out to the wild it drys up and splits into little pieces and animals like to eat them because they think also food and because it's shiny. The main animals that die in the sea for eating rubbish are Sharks,Fish,Seagulls,Sea turtles, and whales and that’s a lot of them so if we see some rubbish on the beach or in the sea please pick it up like if you go out fishing and see some rubbish get it out of the rubbish because birds could think it’s food at the surface then they could Accidentally eat the rubbish then die that's the same with animals in the ocean they could think it’s food at the surface so they come out of the depths of the sea and eat the rubbish Ending - a closing statement that draws the writing to a satisfactory conclusion. For example by summarizing the main points.

My writing is about rubbish and how clean is our environment for my writing it's hard to do paragraphs because I don't know when to do paragraphs.Hope you enjoy my blog post.

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